Penny Stocks a real way to make money?

Penny Stocks are so addictive

Each month over 120,000  new people are searching online for Penny Stocks. This has been a nightmare for the SEC to try and monitor. People are sucked in by the potential of turning a few hundred dollars cash into millions. Just like in the movie boiler room and wolf of wall street the people getting rich off penny stocks are the people who are suckering others into buying.

95% of people trading and investing in penny stocks will end up losing their money. However there are 5% of people that make a killing. How do these people make money? Is it just blind luck or is there actual strategy at play?

The first thing to realize about penny stocks is that a lot of the information they are reporting is just partial. They will report unaudited financials. They will send out a bunch of PRs to pump stocks. They will do whatever they can to make sure people stay excited and so they can attract new investors.

People who are naive and greedy come in and buy into the hype. They dream that they have found the next Monster energy drink stock. They usually find groups that support their greed and help them buy into these false hopes. They will usually spend hours hitting twitter and Ihub telling others how amazing the stock is. Within a few months they end up broke and angry.

So how do these 5% make their money? They look at these companies as scams. They simply play the trends. They buy when everyone is fearful and they sell when everyone gets greedy. They take 30% profit at a time and slowly build up their portfolio. The main key to penny stocks is to be smarter than the average person. Most people starting to trade penny stocks are 18-25 year olds boys. Who have huge egos and some of their parents money to gamble with. They come in and usually make some money. They pump their chest loud and tell people they are penny stock gurus. This is short lived though. These fools get humbled quick.

The key to trading these junk companies to put yourself in the scam CEOs and stock promoters position. Then decide how you would word PRs and spread the word so that people would get excited enough to buy your stuck but not push the limits too far where you would get in trouble with the SEC and get your penny stock halted.

If you can think like these scammers you can start predicting when stocks will crash and when stocks go up. A good example was marijuana stocks. These stocks went up 1000% a month before states like California and Arizona were voting on legalizing marijuana recreationally. Everyone wanted to load up so when the yes vote came in all the general public then would start to buy and the stock would go up even higher. What a lot of investors didn’t realize is that the price per share had already factored in a yes vote. You then witnessed a classic buy the rumor sell the news outcome. Marijuana stocks tumbled the entire week.

This is an example of being one step ahead of the game. If an average trader plans on selling at a certain time you want to make sure you sell way before that. Always be one step ahead of the game.

Just like poker though You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, And know when to run.


Teacup pigs Q and A

Teacup pigs Question and Answers

Teacup pigs have been a growing trend in the united states over the last several years. Some pet owners believe they make better pets than dogs or cats. There is a lot of information  and misinformation out there about teacup pigs. So we dug in and have done a little research and tried to find out the answers to some of your questions.


How much do teacup pigs weigh?

Teacup pigs weight can vary quite a bit depending on the breeder. PamperedPiglets.com who is said to have the smallest pigs get on average 15-40 LBS as adults. Most other breeders pigs average between 30-100 LBS. Size wize they are a lot smaller than pot belly pigs which can end up being 100-200 LBS.

Why are teacup pigs so expensive?

True teacup pigs are still very rare. It takes years of crossbreeding smaller adult pigs to be able to produce this tiny breed of pigs. This is why you will see some breeders have more expensive pigs. Be careful with breeders who sell their pigs too cheap you usually always get what you pay for. Real  Teacup pigs will cost between 1,500-3,000.

What is the difference between Teacup pigs, Micro Pigs, and Mini pigs?

These are all names for similar types of pigs. Some breeders will call their pigs  super micro teacup pigs which usually means it is just an extra small teacup pig.

Why is there so many negative articles about teacup pigs?

From what we have been able to tell there are a few reasons why there are negative articles about teacup pigs. There have been plenty of backyard breeders selling pot belly pigs as teacup pigs and there are also a lot of sanctuaries that make money through donations. We have also found a lot of article writers just giving their opinion and saying whatever they can to drive traffic to their articles so they can get paid from advertisement they have on the page. There are plenty of happy teacup pig owners out there would have had their pigs for several years. You just have to be careful who you buy the piglet from.

Are teacup pigs starved to stay small? 

As silly as this question may sound there are some fear based articles that have tried to influence people that pigs are being starved in order to stay small. You can’t starve a horse into becoming a miniature pony and you can’t starve a hog or pot belly into becoming a teacup pig.

Are teacup pigs legal in most areas in the United States? 

Teacup pigs are now legal to have as pets in most areas. You can always check with your city to make sure.

How long do teacup pigs live?

A lot of people don’t realize how long teacup pigs live. Teacup pigs live between 10-15 years. Make sure you take that in consideration if you decide to get a teacup pig.

Are teacup pigs clean?

Teacup pigs can be clean but also don’t mind getting dirty. Just like a normal pig they like rolling around in the mud on a warm day. The teacup pig owners we have talked to claim that their pigs are cleaner than dogs and cats. Having any type of pet will take work and training though.

Do teacup pigs get along with children and other animals?

From all the pics we have seen online it seems like teacup pigs and children love to bond. It also appears they love to play with dogs. Here is a video of teacup pig playing with a dog.

What do teacup pigs eat?

Teacup pigs have a special diet.  They are fed twice a day Mazuri Mini Pig Food. They also can have some vegetables as snacks to award good behavior.

Can teacup pigs be housed trained?

Teacup pigs can be taught to go in a litter box like a cat or be let out to pee like a dog.

Do teacup pigs need to be vaccinated?

This is something to talk about with your vet. A lot of pigs are not vaccinated and the ones that do get vaccinations usually only get very small doses. Most pigs will need to get Ivermectin for mites.

How are teacup pigs for people with allergies?

Many animals lovers who have allergies will look into having a teacup pig. Unlike cats and dogs pigs are hypoallergenic.

Which gender of Teacup pigs or micro pigs is better to own?

This comes down to personal preference. Both male and female teacup pigs will need to be fixed. Both genders are good natured. It is cheaper to neuter a male then it is to spay a female.

What do teacup pigs live in?

Living arrangements for a teacup pig should have a private place like a playpen where the pig can go to sleep and bore down into some blankets.

What does it mean when a teacup pig ruts my arm?

Teacup pigs show affection in several different ways. One of them is to rut on your arm. This can seem sweet at first but if it becomes tiresome don’t be afraid to tell the pig to stop.

Can teacup pigs learn tricks?

Yes teacup pigs can learn to go on a leash and sit. Some Diabetic patients claim that their teacup pig can tell when their blood sugar is too low or high and can be trained to warn them. There are several tricks teacup pigs can learn to do. You just have to train them with small treats.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  Feel free to comment with more questions you may have.




Find Hot penny stock investments

Find Hot Penny Stocks for Investment

Watch Penny Stocks

After getting aware of the basics associated with penny stocks, you should begin the search for real search of best penny stock companies. It is not such a big deal and you require intensive study and efforts to get all the information about the hot companies in trend. The analysis is worthy because you are investing your hard earned money to gain valuable results.

Which are Hot Penny Stocks?

Branding is most essential to look for when yopenny stocksu are making decision for buying the stocks. It is always better to buy trusted shares for a little more price than seeking out for cheap stocks at very low rates. You can take hundreds of penny stocks because per share investment is very low. Hot Stocks are difficult to find, but if you are choosing the right way to invest, nothing is impossible to find in the right way.

There are many scary stories associated with penny stock trading and you might have heard that people have lost their money due to these stocks. Penny Stocks are good to earn money, but wisely choosing the right stock company is essential to get positive results from your investments. It is hard to find the right stocks, but people trade them because they do find earnings from these stocks. The business originating from the ground level can’t be expected to get presence in major stock market and this is where the penny stocks come into play. There are many chances to get exceptionally well in penny stocks and you can pick up the best shares from the lot consisting of hot and fraud companies.

Penny Stock Market has good and bad prospects on one level and it is your responsibility to become a smart investor and look for the profitable companies to give you the most rewarding investments.

Make Money in Penny Stocks by Unlocking Secrets

Penny shares have extremely lower prices and your investments are actually smaller in these shares. Yu can get your money on stake by investing in Penny Stocks. There are different kinds of risks involved in penny stocks and the gains can also be numerous, if the game is played in a right way. You need to be a careful investor to avoid any negative impact of these shares on your investment. You should be well aware of your investments and the business plans associated with a company in which you are thinking about holding shares.

Penny Stocks are simple to understand and they have maximum share value of $5. The value of stock increases or decreases; based on the commodity and raw material used for generating the major products of the company. These investments are not risk free as mostly new companies float their shares at lower prices and there are many fraud companies also generated to take off the money from innocent investors. You have to be clever and active with your mind to get the best penny stocks and it is your responsibility to search for the company’s profile before making any investment.

Penny Stocks are also called Pink Sheet Stocks and don’t come under the regulation of major stock exchanges. This regulation makes the stocks volatile in nature and there are many manipulations seen in the shares by high-end stock brokers. The scams are often termed as ‘Pump and Dump’. Even if there is a probability to lose, penny stocks have large potential to gain profits. There is much potential available with these companies and you can get huge success by getting ahead with these stocks. It is essential to remember that good penny stocks can pay you handsome amount, but your main focus should be to find the best stocks having great reputation in the market. The secret to be unlocked is that the company in which you are investing is completely authentic and you need to know where you are investing your hard earned money.

Cannabis news

It’s been another landmark year for cannabinoids and the cannabinoid system, with new breakthrough research and additional confirmations of their importance to a healthy human race.

Publius – the penname used by the authors of The Cannabis Papers: A Citizen’s Guide to Cannabinoids (2011) – has been watching news about cannabinoids throughout 2012; here’s our list of the most important cannabinoid news from the year:

1. Exocannabinoid use legalized in 2 U.S. States – Voters in Colorado and Washington approved measures to allow the personal use of cannabis, giving average citizens the opportunity to supplement their cannabinoid systems. (Source: Multiple)

2. Cannabinoids Cure Pediatric Brain Cancer – A doctor tells the Huffington Post of miraculous cancer recoveries using cannabinoids. (Source: Huffington Post Live)

3. Cannabinoids May Slow Brain Aging – More research shows that maintaining a healthy cannabinoid system can help to maintain a healthy brain as humans age. (Source: Time Magazine)

4. Cannabinoids Can Help Migraine Headaches – Cannabis was once a common prescription for sufferers of migraines and a recent review of the literature shows it still has potential. (Source: Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain)

5. National Cancer Institute Recognizes Value of Cannabinoids – After avoiding many aspects of the subject for some time, the NCI at the National Institute of Health finally published some information about the cancer-fighting value of cannabinoids. (Source: National Cancer Institute)

6. Cannabinoids Show Potential for Bone Disorders – The human cannabinoid system impacts bone development and can be used to treat bone disorders. (Source: Bonekey Reports)

7. Cannabinoid Science Could Trigger Cannabis Rescheduling – Cannabis is considered a Schedule I drug with no medical value by the federal government. As more research shows the medical value of cannabis, that scheduling classification becomes harder to defend. Some scientists are specifically pointing out the contradiction. (Source: NORML Scientific Review)

8. Cannabinoids for Stress and PTSD – More animal studies show that cannabinoids can help disorders related to stress as well as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (Source: PubMed: Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology)

9. D.A.R.E Drops Marijuana stocks – D.A.R.E., the national nonprofit that has promoted “Drug Abuse Resistance Education” to elementary, middle, and high school students since the early 1980s, will all but drop anti-drug material from its curriculum for fifth and sixth grade students, according to a state chapter leader and a letter released by D.A.R.E. (Source: Reason)

10. Potential role for GPR55 – CB3 Receptor – in Gut Functions – The G protein-coupled receptor 55 (GPR55) is a novel class of cannabinoid receptor (CB3) that influences one’s nervous system, vasculature, kidneys and bones; because of its presence in the GI tract, several studies are now focusing on its involvement in the physiology and pathophysiology of the gut. (Source: PubMed: Current Opinion in Pharmacology)

“We believe 2013 will feature even more remarkable developments and discoveries,” noted Bryan W. Brickner, publisher of The Cannabis Papers; “Cannabinoids keep surprising you.”


Banx Capital Adopts Bitshares

Banx Capital Adopts BitShares 2.0 Block Chain Backbone

BitShares and Banx Capital Announce Partnership

BitShares has announced a new partnership with #9 ranked cryptocurrency BanxShares backed by Banx Capital Ltd. In this partnership, Banx Capital and BanxShares will run on the BitShares 2.0 technology developed and licensed by Cryptonomex, a company started by the core development team and other key personnel within the BitShares entity.

When asked why the #9 cryptocurrency would partner with the #5 cryptocurrency (as listed on CoinMarketCap.com), Banx Capital Founder & CEO Mark Lyford confided “I’ve been watching BitShares for over a year now, but when I got a preview of what Cryptonomex.com had in store with BitShares 2.0 I knew I had to move fast. As a result of some pretty aggressive negotiations, both BanxShares and Banx.io will upgrade simultaneously when BitShares 2.0 launches this summer. I consider that a bit of a personal coup.”

Lyford went on to list one of the main reasons he decided that the partnership was the best action. There are a lot of bitcoin penny stocks as well.

“Because they are offering their “Smartchain” as a safe, level playing field for use by the whole industry. It can serve as backbone network to all the exchanges as a way for them to trade with and against each other. Instead of keeping their order books in a dark, closed, isolated, hackable stovepipe, they can put them all out there in the transparent open where all their combined customers can trade against all their combined assets!”

With the recent announcement of Danish exchange CCEDK also partnering with BitShares, this would make at least two exchanges that are participating in what some are calling the world’s first “Decentralized Multi-Exchange”, which allows multiple exchanges to settle each other’s buy and sell orders on their order books, and utilize each other’s services in a non-competitive format. That means the exchanges can work together to promote transparency, liquidity and security for all of their customers.

The cryptocurrency industry was rocked over a year ago with the Mt. Gox debacle that lost over half a billion dollars’ worth of customers assets. The BitShares team has stated that this new type of exchange structure will provide the much needed security and transparency that is needed to conduct business in a trustless environment, and addresses the major challenges the cryptocurrency industry faces with exchanges getting hacked and insolvency of exchanges, which in the end harm the end user.

Cryptonomex President and BitShares core team member Stan Larimer issued a statement on the Bitsharestalk.org forum and the Bitcointalk.org forum, in which he addressed two of the biggest game changing features this partnership offers.

“This is an exciting example of two new trends that will change the landscape of the Crypto industry this year.

BanxShares is the first Top Ten crypto currency on coinmarketcap to recognize it is not stuck with ancient 2014 technology. Just because it was launched as an isolated stove-pipe blockchain doesn’t mean that it is forever locked into the old model where it must cover its own blockchain’s maintenance and operating costs and attract its own network effect, exchange listings, and community.”

He then explained the integration further, “By snapshotting itself as a User Issued Asset (UIA) on the BitShares Exchange network, all those headaches go away. It will still be an independent top ten coin on the world stage, but beneath the surface it will now be powered by BitShares 2.0.”

“Why license BitShares awesome new technology when you can move onto the BitShares network itself for a small one-time fee? BanxShares will instantly gain 1 second transaction times and all the other benefits of industrial grade performance – on the same day as BitShares upgrades itself.”

Mr. Larimer then shared the second benefit to this partnership, “BANX.io is an innovative exchange that specializes in trading the shares of other startup businesses, including its own shares. By moving onto the BitShares Exchange Network BANX.io instantly gains access to other members’ products and services such as the fiat on/off ramps and globally welcomed Nanocard provided by CCEDK and Bit-X. Its customers can trade with the combined customers and assets brought to the network by all other member exchanges. And, thanks to the BitShares referral program, BANX.io still collects its share of the network-wide transaction fees paid by every customer it brings to the table.”

“Some of the biggest digital currency exchanges have been hacked and the rest are looking over their shoulders,” says Mark Lyford, “BitShares are offering their Smartchain as a safe, level playing field for use by the whole industry. It can serve as backbone network to all the exchanges as a way for them to trade with and against each other. With shared order books we will have deeper markets, tighter spreads, and greater liquidity. And since our customers keep their own keys while trading on this network, combined with hierarchical multi-sig capabilities we can’t get hacked – and our customers can’t get hacked.”

You may view the full announcement video from Banx Capital CEO Mark Lyford here: https://vimeo.com/131552523


Contact BitShares:

Stan Larimer
2020 Kraft Drive Blacksburg, VA 24060




Vasayo is a new MLM or network marketing company that is being started by Dallin Larsen. He was the CEO Monavie which was the fastest network marketing company/ direct sales company to ever read 1 billion in revenue. Dallin also was the CEO of Usana. It is a wildly successful network marketing company as well and still has a lot of property and asset like the Usana amphitheater.

Is Vasayo a scam?

If you Google search these questions you will see a lot of people who are affiliates and who have already bought in pretending to give you an unbiased opinion. They do this for a couple reasons.

  1. They are trying to convince people searching for “vasayo” on Google, to buy their ebook or secrets to success book.
  2. They are trying to do their own version of reputation management. Look MLMs and Networkwork marketing groups have a bad name that is no secret. Most people join get their hopes up and then they either fail or give up. Someone pitching the idea of the company is definitely going to have a bias opinion!
  3. They are trying to sell their own system. They figure people will change their mind based on their “expert advice”.  I have never found it to be good business strategy to bash  something that makes others excited.

My opinions of MLMs is pretty simple. They sell product that they feel they have an easier task to enter the market place through direct sales then jumping through all the loopholes of a major retail store. Does this make the product worse? No, not necessarily. Does it make it better? No.

They are able to move the product quicker if people are on autoship and are motivated and incentivized by money.

Is Vasayo Better?

Full disclosure my buddy Dallin Larsen Jr. talked me into joining Vasayo. I already make a healthy 6 figure income working from home from internet marketing and I run a stock market group and own about 600 different websites. Since I already have a huge network and millions of leads he was able to convince me that I could use my network to help promote Vasayo. Am I complete sold on Vasayo? not yet. I haven’t tried their products. I will be honest though I didn’t join for the products. I find with most networking marketing companies and most products there seems to be a placebo effect. So for people that believe it works and if a person believe it makes them feel better it actually does. The power of the human mind is great! Back to the original question is Vasayo better? It is if you believe it is better;)

Can you make money in Vasayo?

Yes, you can make money in anything you put your time and effort into. Look I would never advise Vasayo to be the end all be all when it comes to how you are going to change your life and accomplish all of your goals. Instead change your mindset. View Vasayo as an opportunity or a building block to your success. Work your a$$ off give it your all and I promise you even if you don’t make a dime… You will have learned some valuable lessons that you can use down the road in a future endeavor. MLM and Network marketing is hard. It takes a lot of work and time. If you don’t already have a huge group of people you have networked with you are at a huge disadvantage. No one in the MLM world wants to give it to you straight. The average person will get crushed and won’t make a dime. The average person also lives paycheck to paycheck. Who in the hell wants to be average anyways right? So if you don’t have the advantages like these power players have or a huge network like I do, What are you going to do? I recommend sucking it up. Learn new strategies and start networking. Find your strengths and focus on them. Find others whose strengths are your weaknesses. Network with them. I am so ADHD I spend half the day searching for my keys and wallet that I keep losing around the house. I am the worst organizer. I am creative as f*$# though so I found people that were really good at organizing. I figured out a way that my skills could help them and how their skills could help me. Everyone has talents and skills find out what yours are and find a way to use those to benefit others. Find a power player and show him/her you have valuable skills that could benefit them and that you are willing to offer up those skills in exchange for utilizing some of their strengths. Network Network Network!

So Travis Garlick why did you put the time and effort into ranking this article on Google? What is the catch?

Now you’re getting it! There is definitely a catch. I want people reading this to join my network. I am NOT  talking about my down leg. If you want to sign up with me great. The real reason for writing this is because I know there are motivated people reading this that would be a win win for my lifetime network of people. People who can help me and I can help them. I have some awesome skills and I am sure you do as well. Don’t you think it would be a great idea to network with others? Not just for one business venture, but as life time friends!

Here are some of my strengths.

I am a very good communicator. I am excellent at SEO,internet marketing, and social media marketing. (if you run into people that need it done refer me. I will give you a referral bonus $$$) I am very good with the stock market. I run a group of 8,000 investors. I am also very good at eating 😉 so if you want to take me out to lunch and pick my brain I very rarely turn down a free meal 🙂

Here is my contact info.

Travis Garlick (yes I am on Facebook add me!)

My person email is moxieinvestors@yahoo.com

My cell phone is (801) 623-1019 don’t be shy shoot me a text or give me a call. I usually prefer text messages at first. Just say hi and your name and tell me a little bit about yourself.


I look forward to hearing from you. Stay motivated and go have an amazing day!


Robert Pattinson motivational speaker? Watch out for Fanatic Fans

Ashley Greene Says Fans Chase Robert Pattinson Down the Street

May. 2

Wow! Some fans are a little bit too crazy!

People are chasing him down the street, Ashley Greene says about the fanatic fans of her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. The Alice Cullen depicter then goes on revealing that once those fans even made it difficult for the British heartthrob to just meet and hang out with his friends.

Me and Rachelle [Lefevre] were sitting at a bar waiting for Rob and were texting him Were gonna leave. You’re taking too long, the actress recalls. And he comes in with his hood on and his eyes he just looked so terrified! We were like Do you need a drink or something, are you OK? And he was like They were at every entrance of my hotel and they chased me down alleyways.

Speaking further about Robert, Ashley confirms the hunk currently is dating no one. She, furthermore, pours cold water on rumors of him dating on-screen lover Kristen Stewart. Does nobody know that Kristen has a boyfriend? She has a boyfriend. They have such amazing chemistry on film that everyone wants it to be real in real life. Kristen is madly in love with her boyfriend Michael [Angarano], Ashley insists.

Most recently, Robert Pattinson himself was also quoted as telling Moviefone in an interview that he sometimes finds his fame quite stressful, adding now that he becomes famous he often finds it difficult to even leave a hotel.

Robert Pattinson at one point said FAME RUINED MY LOVE LIFE

Apr. 25

How sweet! Robert is so considerate. But I doubt he’d ruin his girlfriend’s life! Just make it a million times better!

Pattinson says the constant interest in his life has made him a paranoid wreck, reports Contactmusic .

He admits to Entertainment Tonight , Im always really worried about ruining their (girlfriends) lives.

Especially with people that aren’t famous. Its such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck.

Its getting photographed. You have people who analyse your facial expressions to the tiniest degree.

“So you’re just trying to avoid getting photographed. You’re like, Jesus, you can’t win.”

Robert Apparently almost charmed Kristen Stewart well at least that is what the rumor was several years ago.

In Twilight, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had so much chemistry on screen that many think their torrid love affair did not end when the director yelled cut. However, Stewart insists that she and Pattinson are no real-life Edward and Bella.

It’s just totally false Rob and I are good friends, she told Nylon. We went through alot together, so we feel very close. But if we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized, like the way I stand next to him.

She explained that although they aren’t dating, they do share a certain camaraderie. And its, like, I know this guy really f’ing well, she said. Its only natural that were sort of leaning on each other, because were put in the most fing psychotic situations.

Since Pattinson isn’t her paramour, Stewart did say that there is one awesome guy in her life. Hes older than me — hes 20 now — but when you’re 13 and hes turning 16, it was always sort of an out-of-reach thing, she explained about her relationship with actor Michael Angarano. Then you get a little older, and you realize, Oh, What the f am I thinking? I can have you, like, lickity.

The attention paid to her dating life is only one of the prices Stewart has had to pay since joining the world of Twilight. And she said that the situation can be quite psychotic at times.

Anywhere wed go for Twilight was a psychotic situation. The sound was deafening, and it’s thoughtless, as well, she said. You get a slew of all these bullsh questions, like, What’s it like to kiss a vampire? and How much do you love Robert? Then you’ll get one that’s actually real, but you’re like, No, I can’t right now, I can’t even consider [it].

One of those particular moments was caught on tape: her painfully awkward appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. I feel like I have nothing to say on those shows I’m not good at the funny thing — most people are really great on those shows, she explained. I don’t have a contrived personality that [I can] just pump out [for] a five-minute segment, so I end up sitting there and looking kind of baffled. Embarrassing.

As the star of a hugely successful teen vampire flick, you’d expect a bit more attention these days. Especially from young fans partial to a bit of black lipstick. But perhaps Robert Pattinson wasn’t banking on quite such a high profile admirer.

The Twilight star will be shutting all his windows and doors after learning that Courtney Love is desperate to get him together with her daughter, Frances Bean.

A friend revealed over the weekend, ‘Courtney thinks he’s charming and handsome and absolutely has to be Frances’s first date. She’s doing everything she can to engineer another meeting.’

Frances Bean is not only the lovechild of rock’s craziest lady and late legend Kurt Cobain – which is enough to scare anyone – but she’s also 16, while Rob is 22.

Run Rob, while you still can!

Robert Pattinson has said if his career as a teen heartthrob actor doesn’t work out, he’s going to try his hand at being a rock star instead.

The Twilight star told the Los Angeles Times recently: “Music is my back-up plan if acting fails. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.”

Two of Robert’s tracks were included on the soundtrack for the hit teen vampire movie but he insists he wasn’t piggy back off the film’s success: “That’s what I was scared about [people thinking that], it looks like I’m trying to get a music career out of it or something.

“I’m not going to be doing any music videos or anything.”

So maybe music is his backup option and not motivational speaking. Although we think he would be good at it.  With his Huge base of fans he can pretty much do whatever he wants!